How to use TeamViewer for Remote Access two Computer

Introduction about Team Viewer. TeamViewer is a popular piece of software used for Internet-based remote access and support. TeamViewer software can connect to any PC or server, so you can remote control your partner’s PC.  In offices and network software companies, it is most used and famous tool. Because day by day in network companies issues come. An engineer can take the system on remote and solve the issue from anywhere. Team viewer is software and founded in Germany, It is used to transfer file and documents from one computer to other computers from anywhere around the world. This tool […]

How to Secure Store Personal Data Online by Google Drive

Google drive is an online file storage service which is started by the Google. It provides you the facility to storage your Data and backup your mobile data in Google Drive. It is an online storage system like a memory card. Where we can store files online. It provides 15 GB free space to keep store your file in Google Drive. If you need more storage space after 15GB use, Google will charge for more extra storage space. You can check here about the price for Google Drive extra more storage. Before we know how it work and use it, […]

Easy way to take a screenshot on PC and Edit

If you are facing any problem while taking a screenshot of your computer & laptop. This article will help you to take a screenshot of your PC screen screenshot.Taking screenshot is very way on the laptop but some don’t know how to take a screenshot and save as an image. In this article, we mentioned three methods to take a screenshot in laptop PC. First only you want to take only screen resolution screenshot, how to take it. Second is you want to take full web page screenshot, how to take it. The third one is the best tool to […]

How to Create Bootable USB Pendrive for all Windows

Bootable pendrive is a simple pendrive like we use in our daily life. why we add bootbale name before pendrive. What is the mean of bootable and why it is important and how to create bootable pendrive? Let’s know the answer to these three questions. Bootable pendrive mean : – USB boot is the process of using a USB storage (Pendrive) device to boot or start a computer’s operating system. It enables computer hardware to use a USB storage stick to get all essential system booting information and files rather than the standard/native hard disk or the CD drive. Bootable […]

How to Invite all friends to like Facebook page

If You have a lot of friends in your facebook profile and you want to invite all friends to like your facebook page. I am going to give you a very easy method to invite your all facebook friends to like your page. But before I tell you the method, Let’s discuss a short talk on it. For e.g.- You have 1000+ or more friends in your facebook profile and you want to invite them all just in a single click. Facebook does not provide you any option to invite your facebook page to your friends in a single click. […]