How to Send Message to Prime Minister of India

There are so many public related serious issues going in society and country that nobody listens that’s why thousands of people want to directly send messages to the prime minister for the solution of problems. In order to interact or share your idea and thoughts with Indian prime minister, govt of India developed an online portal for listening to Public Grievances, Suggestions/Feedback, Scam/Fraud, Message Requests or taking Appointment with PM. With the help of this platform, you can send your voice directly to PM through online portal.

Along with the online method, these are the multiple ways to contact PM Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Office.

1.  How to Contact Mr. Narendra Modi through the PMO website.

You can send message to PM through online portal which is managed by Govt of India Prime Minster office staff. Open the website and send a message to

2. How to Contact Mr. Narendra Modi through the PMO Address.

Lock a complaint with all your detail and the subject matter you have in a letter and send it to Prime Minister office address through the post at E Block, Central Secretariat, New Delhi, Delhi 110011

3. How to Contact Mr. Narendra Modi through Phone or Fax.

You can contact call on the helpline number or either you can fax at the given number Phone No: +91-11-23012312 Fax: +91-11-23019545, 23016857.

4. How to Contact Mr. Narendra Modi through Social Handler.

Twitter is the most popular medium to interact with the brand & popular celebrity. You can directly tweet to PM Modi twitter handler account

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