How to Create a TAR.GZ File in Windows

Tar.GZ format file is a collection of multiple files in a single file. It is a highly compressed format file that is mostly used in Linux and Unix systems, to upload data and backup. Also, it’s a very popular method to send multiple files or software over the internet. For example, Tar.gz format file compresses a 2GB file in 1GB after creating an archive.

In the windows operating system, there is no such type of option to directly create a and .rar file. But Linux and Mac OS provide such type of option to compress in tar.gz format. Let’s know step by step how to create a tar.gz format file in windows.

Step-1. Download the 7-Zip software from the official website that your system is running on 32-bit, 64-bit.

Step-2. Now select the folder to create a zip file and click right then select 7-Zip and Add to archive.

Step-3. Select Archive format as tar extension and leave rest of setting default and process the action by clicking on OK.

Step-4. Before creating tar.gz file you need to create a tar file first, then after you can create tar.gz file.

Step-5. After successfully creating the tar file. Select the created tar file and click right-click right then select 7-Zip and Add to archive.

Step-6. Select Archive format as gzip and leave the rest of the setting default and process the action by clicking on OK.

Step-7. This file will create in tar.gz format that you can use to share online or upload backup in the Linux system.

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