How to File a Case in Consumer Court against Any Product and Service Related Dispute

An Unhappy consumer from any company product and service can file a case in court. There are two ways to file a case in consumer court either you can hire a lawyer if you can afford or you can put your side by yourself. But I would advise you to present your side in court if the product value is low. Otherwise, you can hire a lawyer for your case also. In case, if you are going to present your side in court then you have to follow the below steps to file the complaint in the consumer forum.

Note – I would advise you to visit the District Consumer office once regarding the related documents or any other detailed information.

Step-1. You will have to prepare a document of product and service-related details.

Step-2. In the second step, you have to go to the notary who sits in the court area and prepare a document on the product and service-related disputes.

Step-3. Collect and attach all the proof and bill-related slips in your compliant file whatever you have.

Step-4. Now you have to pay the court fee as per the instruction is given by the district consumer office.

Step-5. After completing all the procedures guided by the district consumer office. You have to submit your file to the consumer office.

Step-6. After submitting the file, the officer will tell you a time and date, that day you will have to reach the consumer court.

Step-7. The judge will listen to your side regarding the product and service-related dispute you have.

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