Easy way to take a Screenshot on PC and Edit

If you are facing any problem while taking a screenshot of your computer & laptop. This article will help you to take a screenshot of your PC screen screenshot.Taking screenshot is very way on the laptop but some don’t know how to take a screenshot and save as an image.

In this article, we mentioned three methods to take a screenshot in laptop PC.

  • First only you want to take only screen resolution screenshot, how to take it.
  • Second is you want to take full web page screenshot, how to take it.
  • The third one is the best tool to take a screenshot of PC Display and which can edit Easily.

How to Take Screenshot on Laptop PC/Computer.

  • On Standard keyboards, Print Screen button is given to take a screenshot in Pc.
  • Simply open the screen you want to take screen and press PrintScreen Button.
  • Now how to save it,
  • Press “Window+R” key to open run command and type keyword “mspaint“.
  • After open the paint Press Ctrl+V button to paste the screenshot.
  • When you will press Ctrl+V button. It will display in paint.
  • Now Save and Edit screenshot.
  • Hope it will work 100% for you.

How to Take Full web page Screenshot on Laptop PC/Computer.

Most of the time peoples try to take full Webpage screenshot try to capture using Print screen button.But they don’t know only they can take a screenshot of data that is showing on display.Here I am going to tell you the steps to take full web page screenshot on a web browser. Let’s know the steps to take a screenshot of the web page.

  • This method work on online.
  • Visit the link to take full page screenshot.
  • Now enter the page URL here you want to take a screenshot and save in any image format you want.
  • Visit the link to check how full web page screenshot will look like.
  • Hope it will work for you and dissolve your full page screenshot issue.

Best tool to take a Screenshot in PC and for editing purpose.

Screenpresso is best every commonly used tool to take a screenshot of Pc and edit the pic. Using this tool we can take screenshot easily and edit, crop, and writing words in the different font, we can Buller the specific region and other more.

You can download the 15MB tool from below link to take a screenshot of PC.

Download Screenpresso.

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