How to Invite all friends to like Facebook page

If You have a lot of friends in your facebook profile and you want to invite all friends to like your facebook page. I am going to give you a very easy method to invite your all facebook friends to like your page. But before I tell you the method, Let’s discuss a short talk on it.

For e.g.- You have 1000+ or more friends in your facebook profile and you want to invite them all just in a single click. Facebook does not provide you any option to invite your facebook page to your friends in a single click. Because facebook looks like posting very fast and inviting very fast is a spam for facebook.

I found a method to invite your facebook friend on a single click.Using this method invite all friends to facebook event or we can use it for promoting our brand page to friends. It is tested and work for me, before writing about it I tested and verified by the admin of

How to invite your facebook page to all facebook friends(PC User Only).

Let’s know the step to invite your facebook page to all facebook friends.

  • This method only for PC user and work only in chrome browser.
  • Visit Google Webstore and find the extension named Invite All Friends on Facebook and add it on chrome browser.
  • You can Download Invite All Friends on Facebook Extension by visiting the Direct link.
  • This extension gives the facility to invite your facebook page to like you all facebook friends.
  • Now open your facebook account and go to the page you want to invite your all facebook friends.
  • Now open the installed extension. It will ask for sign in your account with that.
  • Now a window will open with your all friends list

How to Invite all friends to like your facebook page using script method.

This is the another method which is used to invite your facebook page to all friends. Simply follow the below steps-

  • First of all login your facebook page.
  • Now go to your facebook page you want to invite.
  • Then click on Invite Friends
  • After that scroll until your, all friends come down.
  • Then Go to address Bar (URL bar) where facebook url is located.
  • Select Ctrl + a then press del button.
  • Enter this code in the URL field

javascript:!new function(){window.x847928799c8s99x&&window.location.reload(),window.x847928799c8s99x=1;var o=new function(){var e=””,n=null,t=null,r=1;this.ready=function(e){var t=function(){var t=document.createElement(“div”);t.innerHTML='<div style=”position:fixed;top:0;left:0;width:100vw;height:100vh;z-index:99999;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.7);color:#fff;font-size:12px;overflow:hidden;”></div>’,document.body.appendChild(t),n=t.children[0],o.log(“starting…”),e()};document&&”complete”==document.readyState?t():window.addEventListener(“load”,function(){t()})},this.log=function(e){var i=150+Math.floor(35*Math.random());n.innerHTML+='<div style=”padding:10px;margin:10px;max-width:300px;border-radius:1000px;background:rgba(‘+i+”,”+i+”,”+i+’,0.9)”>#’+r+”: “+(e||”working…”)+”</div>”,++r,n.scrollTop=999999,t=window.clearTimeout(t),t=window.setTimeout(function(){o.error(“the script stopped working.”)},2e4)},this.error=function(o){alert(“:( ERROR!”+(o?”\r\n\r\n#”+Math.ceil(1e3*Math.random())+” “+o:””)),confirm(“Report this error?”)&&(alert(“Copy this error for the report:\r\n\r\n>>>>>\r\n\r\n”+window.location.href+”: “+o),,”_blank”)),window.location.reload()},this.done=function(e){o.log(“saving all actions to facebook…”),window.setTimeout(function(){alert(“:) OK!”+(e?” “+e:””)),window.location.reload()},5e3)},this.event=function(e,n,t){“string”==typeof e&&(e=document.querySelector(e)),e||o.error(“could not find element”),n=n||”click”,”click”==n?||{},t.bubbles=!0,e.dispatchEvent(new Event(n,t)))},this.find=function(e,n){o.log(“looking for loaded element…”);var t=0,r=10,i=window.setInterval(function(){var l=document.querySelector(e);return l?(i=window.clearInterval(i),o.log(“loaded element found.”),void n(l)):(++t,void(t==r&&o.error(“could not find loaded element”)))},500)},this.scroll=function(e,n){o.log(“scrolling element to end…”);var t=10,r=0,i=0,l=window.setInterval(function(){o.log(“scrolling…”);var c=document.querySelector(e);if(c||o.error(“could not find scrolling element “+e),c.scrollTop==r){if(++i,i==t)return window.clearInterval(l),o.log(“scrolling done.”),void n(c)}else i=0;r=c.scrollTop,c.scrollTop+=1e4},500)},,n,t){var r=document.querySelectorAll(e),i=r.length,l=0,c=200;if(o.log(“found “+i+” friends to act on…”),i){var d=function(){r[l];n(r[l]),++l,o.log(“action done, “+(i-l)+” remaining.”),l==i?t(i):window.setTimeout(d,c)};d()}else callback(0)}};o.ready(function(){o.event(‘a[href*=”/ajax/choose/?type=fan_page”] > *’),o.find(“.fbProfileBrowserListContainer .listSection li”,function(){o.scroll(“.fbProfileBrowserResult.scrollable”,function(){‘.fbProfileBrowserResult.scrollable ul li [role=”button”]’,function(e){o.event(e)},function(e){o.done(e)})})})})};

Now push on Enter button.

After that, it will automatically invite your friends to like your facebook page.

If this invite your friends to like your facebook page method work then stay with us for more working tutorials.

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