How to Create Bootable USB Pendrive for all Windows

Bootable pendrive is a simple pendrive like we use in our daily life. why we add bootable name before pendrive. What is the mean of bootable and why it is important and how to create bootable pendrive? Let’s know the answer to these three questions.

Bootable Pendrive means: – USB boot is the process of using a USB storage (Pendrive) device to boot or start a computer’s operating system. It enables computer hardware to use a USB storage stick to get all essential system booting information and files rather than the standard/native hard disk or the CD drive.

Bootable create a USB drive compatible to install windows by the computer commands or it may be any other method to add command in pendrive.Using a normal pendrive we can’t install windows on our system.

Most People follow the old method to install a window in their system by CD/DVD.

We know very well most of the people who are nontechnical don’t know how to make bootable pendrive to install windows on a computer without windows CD/DVD. But before I tell you the steps to make bootable pendrive. I want to share my personal experience to make bootable pendrive.

When the first time I search on the web to make bootable pendrive many search results show me to make pendrive bootable. But most of the methods I found on big sites like Wikihow and Instructable. Microsoft and other. All these sites posted command method to create pendrive bootable.q I follow the run command step to make pendrive bootable for windows 8.1. I follow all the all given steps. But when I finish the process to make pendrive bootable and reboot system to make my first boot using pendrive.

I fully frustrated because my system was dead and I have no window CD to install the window. I think I did something wrong while creating bootable pendrive by commands or maybe command may be wrong whatever. I started to look for another method to make pendrive bootable.After investing 1or 2 hour on the internet I found a software to make pendrive bootable, using that we can easily install windows on our computer. Finally, using this step I did.

I am going to share all the working bootable steps with you which I follow. You can check TutorialsHubspot Video tutorial to make bootable pendrive.

Steps to make create bootable pendrive for Windows 7, Window 8, Window 10 or XP.

  • This is a computer tool method which is famous for creating bootable pendrive, Rufus tool.
  • First of all Download Rufus 1 MB Size tool and open it, for more information about the tool visit Rufus official site.
  • Insert your Pendrive into your system’s USB port and run Rufus tool.
  • Make sure you have a windows.iso file of windows to create bootable USB from iso.
  • It will look like the below image.
  • Setup these setting.

create bootable pendrive

  • Now select “Partition scheme and target system typeMBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers “.
  • File systemNTFS
  • Select Cluster size4096 bytes (Default)
  • Now select “2 Passes” for a device for bad blocks
  • Check on Quick format option, after check quick format.
  • Then Check on Create a bootable disk using option.
  • Check on Create an extended label and icon files.
  • Now select ISO image
  • Select your image file from your system

This process will take few minutes to finish, wait until it finished. Now restart your computer and set up computer Bios setting to make boot from pendrive.

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