How to Switch Website from http to https in WordPress

According to the new update of Google, it is mandatory for every webmaster to switch their website from http to https. In order to secure communication between the server and client side, the website owner needs to encrypt the connection with SSL & TLS layer. It helps to protect the server and client information from any type of unauthorized access. In order to implement SSL, you need to Buy a certificate, Activate the certificate, Install the certificate, Update your site to use HTTPS.

If you are running a WordPress website then Cloudflare is the best option to implement SSL certificate free in an easy way. You can follow the below steps to implement http to https with www in Apache.

  • Step 1: ) To implement an SSL certificate on a fresh WordPress website with Cloudflare, Signup a Cloudflare account.
  • Step 2: ) Log in the account and select the add a site option and add your website name.
  • Step 3: ) When you will add the website name and jump on the next step, it will ask to select the plan. In this choose the free plan and confirm it.
  • Step 4: ) It will scan your website DNS records and continue the process.
  • Step 5: ) In order to point your website through Cloudflare’s, you need to update the nameservers in your domain registrar account.

How to Update nameservers in your domain registrar account

For updating the nameserver, open the account where you have purchased the domain name and find the nameserver option. After finding the nameserver option, edit the name server and update your nameserver with Cloudflare nameserver. Once you get updated the nameserver, open the Cloudflare tab and complete the step.

Now you are ready to switch your website http to https. Just configure a few more options in Cloudflare and your website will get switch into https. Follow the below step to complete it.

  • Step 1: ) Open your Cloudflare account and select the SSL/TLS option and select encryption mode is Flexible.
  • Step 2: ) Now select the Page rule option and Create Page Rule.
  • Step 3: ) It will ask to enter the domain name in the given format and select setting as Always use https and save and deploy.

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